Engeye Scholars’ Projects

The Engeye Scholars program is currently involved in three project areas for the year ahead. Please check out the projects below and consider making a donation to help us with these life changing endeavors.




Photo by David Robinson

Through the efforts of ETC Co-Founder Brian Hickey, we have kicked off our efforts to raise money to build an Education, Business, Training Center and entrepreneurship program at Engeye. Our goal, is to provide facilities and resources to build education, business and training opportunities for children and families in rural Uganda.Hard working students and adults need opportunities to join the workforce to provide for their families and future. It is our hope that we can provide a library, community meeting space, access to technology, sewing machines, vocational education, hands-on training and the opportunity to be innovative, inventive and self sustainable. Our goal is to develop valuable training programs such as agricultural and carpentry projects, mechanical repairs and maintenance, crafts, artistic opportunities, tailoring, and many other practical skills which will enable the villagers to be contributing members of their community while providing for their families. Please consider buying a brick to help us build our center and create these opportunities.

Buy one brick with a $50 donation. Help us build!




You can give a life saving resource to children and families in rural Uganda – CLEAN and SAFE WATER!The Engeye Teen Connection has initiated a campaign to bring clear water to a village primary school and families in rural Uganda in partnership with the Engeye Scholars Program. Having clean, accessible water is invaluable to a thriving school community. The goal of the campaign is to raise the necessary funds to fund the drilling of wells, repair water pumps and other related projects, which would help supply students and villagers with clean, safe water sources.  You can help by donating at the link below or by initiating your own school, church or community campaign to support their cause. Cleaner water = healthier children.  
  Donate and fill our Jerry Can with Clean, Safe Water!

  $6,100 / $10,000




The Scholars Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to academically promising students whose families cannot afford the school fees and school uniform costs.  Scholarships are awarded based upon an application and interview process.  Most recently, we are working to interview and place students to fill 30 scholarship positions at a local primary school. Visit our Sponsored Students page to see the names and faces of our new scholarship students. These motivated and bright students deserve the chance to continue their education.The School Support Program works together with teachers and local schools to provide basic school materials, essential teaching supplies, books, desks, posters, and school repairs.Please consider a monthly recurring donation or a one time donation to provide support for all Engeye Scholars programs.  A contribution of $25 per month funds student scholarships and ongoing educational programs for the deserving village children.We thank you for your support! It is through the generosity of people like you that this important work is possible.



  • Hosted a Holiday Party for over 900 village children
  • 26 Individually Sponsored Scholars, with all P7 students passing their exams and moving on to secondary school
  • 29 scholarship students at a local primary school
  • Began “Scholars Beads for a Cause” to provide income for local women and support for Scholars programs
  • Maintain and repair village Bore Holes to provide greater access to water
  • Installed solar panels at local primary school
  • Delivered text books and school supplies to local primary schools
  • Provided beds for students at boarding school
  • Major renovation and repairs at local school, plastered walls, repaired holes in floor, new blackboards, shutters for windows and roof repairs.
  • Provided tutoring and educational assistance on clinic property for students