Sarah Yergeau

Sarah was a Minerva Fellow in 2010, during which time she worked at Engeye Health Clinic and St. Gertrude Primary School while living in Ddegeya, Uganda. As a Minerva Fellow, Sarah also acted as a liaison between the Engeye Scholars Program in the United States and the students in Uganda.

Sarah is currently the chair of the St. Gertrude Subcommittee of the Engeye Scholars Advisory Committee. She spearheaded the first partnership between St. Gertrude Primary School and the Engeye Scholars Program through her St. Gertude’s Book Project in 2010. Sarah organized the donation of culturally relevant reading books to assist with the English comprehension portion of the Ugandan curriculum, which resulted in the collection of over 760 books and 9 dictionaries—the first ever for St. Gertrude Primary School! In 2014, Sarah had the opportunity to return to Ddegeya and work again with St. Gertrude Primary School and the Engeye Artisans Project.

Sarah is currently the Program and Policy Associate at Westchester Children’s Association in White Plains, NY.