Sponsor a Staff Member

Help us support the community of Ddegeya Village by sponsoring one of Engeye’s beloved Ugandan employees!

Your full or partial sponsorship of an employee will provide the staff member with salary support, continued housing, electricity & internet, food & water, and the esteem of knowing that they and their contribution to Engeye are valued and honored.

You may choose the specific employee to sponsor, unless that staff member is already fully sponsored. You will receive at least 2 letters a year from your sponsored staff member, and an annual photo and update from Engeye. You may send letters to your staff member at any time. Opportunities for approved visits to Engeye are always possible!

As a sponsor, you commit to four years of sponsorship at a annual donation level of your choosing from $250, $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500, and the highest level of $3000. Your commitment is to the position, not the individual, so the sponsorship continues if the specific employee for a position changes.

For more info, please contact Julie McMurchie at [email protected].

Our Staff

Clinical Officer/Officer in Charge

Like many of Engeye’s employees, Bridget was volunteering in a hospital when she was referred to, and then hired by, Engeye. She is a clinical provider, and works with Tushabe to implement and design treatment protocols. She is popular with female patients because she has additional training in birth control. Donate.


Grounds and Maintenance

Eddie is such an important part of Engeye! He not only takes care of our grounds and buildings, but he makes friends with everyone who visits the clinic. Eddie is loved by all of our visitors and volunteers, and does so much to help them get acclimated and feel comfortable with life in the village. Donate.


Lab Technician

Olivia is described as a “nice and calm presence in the clinic, in the midst of the loud, boisterous and humorous other employees.” She is ambitious and hopes to go to medical school someday. Olivia came to Engeye in 2013, and loves her job. She appreciates the environment at the clinic, says she was treated very kindly when she first arrived. She loves learning from and visiting with the American teams that volunteer at Engeye, and appreciates the interest they show in the employees. She also very much appreciates the great Mama-Jackie cooked lunch the employees get every day! Donate.

Nursing Assistant/Pharmacy Technician

Resty has been at Engeye since 2010, and is part of the backbone of the clinic. She works very hard doing a wide variety of things, including injections, suturing, and inserting IVs. But most importantly, Resty runs the pharmacy. She is described as having “great hands”, and would like to take her great hands back to school to become a nurse midwife. Donate.



Mama Jackie is so named because of the Ugandan custom to identify a woman by her children’s names. Jackie is the darling of the clinic. She is smart, very outgoing and assertive, and very able to get her way. She has most visitors very happily wrapped around her finger within 24 hours of arrival. Mama Jackie does the cooking at the clinic. In a very small and rudimentary cooking area, she makes lavish and delicious meals. At times, especially when teams visit from the US, she may have as many as ten dishes for dinner. She is a culinary genius, and an absolute gem for Engeye. Jackie is now an Engeye Scholar, and attends boarding school down the road in Kinoni. She is at the top of her class, to no one’s surprise. Mama Jackie has high hopes for Jackie to have a good profession when she finishes school. Donate.

Part-Time Catering

Susan lives in Ddegeya Village and supports Mama Jackie when teams visit the clinic and the workload increases. She was the primary cook when Mama Jackie left for a time in 2008-2011. She is a calm and lovely presence at Engeye. She loves working at Engeye because “it is cool!”. Donate.



Assistant Lab Technician
Sylvia joined the Engeye team during the summer of 2015. Prior to Engeye, she worked at TASO Masaka in the Regional Hospital. She is a lab technician who cherishes the relationships she is able to develop with patients and other staff members. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, netball, farming, listening to music, and dancing. Donate.


Clinical Officer
Henry began working at Engeye in April 2015. He was previously employed at the Lubaga Hospital in the St. Louis Clinic in Kampala. Henry enjoys working with the lovely patients, the hard-working staff he is surrounded by, and supportive friends of the Engeye community. In the future, he hopes to work towards a Bachelors Degree in medicine and surgery. He is passionate about discovering new things, cracking jokes, and sharing ideas on issues. Donate.


Clinical Officer
Before joining the Engeye team in March 2016, Esther was a volunteer at St. Francis Naggalama Hospital in Mukono. Esther loves seeing the community members at the clinic, following their progress as they recover from illnesses, and making friends. In her free time, she enjoys spending time friends, cracking jokes and playing net ball. Esther hopes to continue her studies to pursue a Bachelors Degree in medicine, surgery and public health. Donate.

IRS Requirements: For ease of reporting and tracking of donations for our organization, your staff sponsorship contribution will be considered a “preferred” donation, and not a “designated” donation. While Engeye will always make every effort to direct your donation to the needs specified, final discretion of how funds are categorized will remain with Engeye, Inc.