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Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at Engeye! We are honored that you are considering donating your time and talents. Below is some relevant information to help you make your decision to apply. Keep in mind that the application, planning, and approval process takes time. All applications will be reviewed to determine if the applicant’s qualifications, proposed dates, and personal goals are in line with the needs of Engeye. Please submit your application no later (and preferably much earlier) than 4 months prior to your proposed departure date to allow adequate time for the approval and planning process.


Engeye is located 30 minutes south west of Masaka, and about a 4 hour drive from Kampala. Volunteers fly into the Entebbe International Airport. Transport to the clinic is usually arranged for the following day. Occasionally we can arrange for a private shared car, where the volunteer helps with the cost of gas. More often, private transportation must be arranged. Estimated costs for a private van, whether holding one or eight people, can vary from $200-$300.


Our clinic is located in the rural village of Ddegeya. The clinic sees about 40 patients a day. Currently, our providers include 2 Ugandan clinicians, and an American Family Practice physician. We encourage our volunteers to participate in training our Ugandan staff, and ask that you come with at least 2 one to two hour trainings prepared.


Volunteers sleep in one of two dorms. The dorms each have two rooms that sleep 8 in bunk beds with mosquito netting. There is limited electricity in the dorms. Water is a limited resource, and there is no running water. Pit latrines are located a short walk from the dorms. Showers are taken either with a bucket or camp shower.


Three simple meals a day are prepared by a local cook. Protein is limited, and the meals contain a lot of starch, but the food is good! Fresh fruits and vegetables vary depending on the season.


Volunteers are asked to assist in the upkeep of the clinic while they are there. If volunteers have downtime, they can help in the cleaning and organizing of the clinic and site. This may include some manual labor for those able bodied enough to do so, or may include helping with cooking and cleaning around meals.


Volunteers pay a daily fee for their time at the clinic. Fees cover such things as room, food, water, electricity, internet access, contribution to staff salaries, contribution to medicine stocks, cooking fuel, soap and toilet paper, etc. Additional fees include transportation to and from the clinic, and interpreter salaries, room and board if an interpreter is needed. As of August 2012, an estimated fee for a two week visit from a volunteer needing an interpreter, without transportation to and from the clinic, is $575.

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