Anya Koutras, MD

Vice President: Medical

Committee Chair: Medical & Health

Anya Koutras, a 1995 graduate from Albany Medical College, has been practicing full spectrum family medicine including delivering babies since completing her own residency over 20 years ago. She has also always had the wonderful honor and joy of teaching medical students and residents since then.

In January 2017, Anya accepted her friend Theresa Weinman’s invitation to be a part of the visiting medical team at Engeye and had such an incredible time that she went back in January 2018 and is scheduled to go for her third time in January 2019. “The staff and people at Engeye have taught me the importance of kindness and helping others. It has deepened my experience as a physician in the US and as a person.”

Anya practices and teaches at the University of Vermont College of Medicine and Medical Center where she has been since 2004. She is the proud mom of two daughters, Grace and Lydia. She brought Lydia to Engeye in 2018 and Grace in 2019.