Financial Summary


Engeye, Inc. cares deeply about fiscal responsibility. We carefully consider how we spend the dollars entrusted to us, and are pleased to report that in 2019 an overwhelming majority of expenses (91 percent) went directly to health and education programs in rural Uganda. Only 9 percent of expenses were general administration in 2019. We constantly strive to minimize administration and fundraising costs.

Engeye, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States and contributions are tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 75-3216966.

2019 Summary

In 2019, Engeye, Inc. received a total of $162,083 in revenues, including a $3,500 grant from the American Medical Women’s Association and $50,308 in staff and student preferred sponsorship. Volunteers visiting the Engeye Health Clinic contributed $22,393 toward the total revenues, the remainder of which is comprised by unrestricted donations.

Engeye, Inc. spent $115,764 on expenses in 2019. In particular:

  • $104,680 on program services, split between Engeye Health and Engeye Scholars.
  • $11,084 on general management and administration.

Supported financially in part by Engeye, Inc., our friends at the Engeye Health Project, Ltd. treated over 18,200 patients, administered 22 student sponsorships on behalf of Engeye Scholars, and invested in the Ddegeya community through village health services and outreach.

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