John Kalule

Co-founder and Chairman: Engeye Health Projects LTD

Clinic Manager

John’s official role at Engeye is the Clinic Manager, but anyone who has been to the clinic knows that John does much more than manage a busy rural clinic. He begins most days checking in patients before sunrise and catches up on clinic accounting at nightfall. His commitment to and cultural insight into the communities served by the clinic are invaluable to the clinic. In addition to managing the clinic, John also administrates the Engeye Scholars program in Uganda.

Born and raised in Ddegeya, John attended many schools in the area – Kyamaganda Primary School, Sseke Secondary School in Kinoni and Lyntonde High School. After graduation, he continued his studies in Kampala at Multitech, where he studied accounting. In 2000, he met Stephanie van Dyke in Katooke village, where they were both volunteering. It was through this experience and friendship that the vision for the clinic emerged.

John is a family man and devoted parent to his children. Asked what he likes to do, John answered: “I think I like laughing and serving!”