Kathy Chang, MD, MPH


Committee Member: Medical

Kathy has been a powerful force behind much of Engeye’s medical progress. She and her husband, Joe Freeman, spent 18 months on-site living and working at Engeye Health Clinic as volunteers. During this time, they helped to organize and update diagnostic and treatment protocols and worked with the Engeye staff to improve clinic operations through other infrastructure development. With a background in public health, Kathy works with the on-site Clinical Officer In-Charge for program planning and evaluation. Their ongoing programs include the Village Health Team training program, which supports a wonderful group of local volunteers invested in their community’s health and peer education in the village, and the new Maternity Services development. 

She continues to partner with the Engeye staff on medical and public health efforts, leading and planning visitor trips in collaboration with the Ugandan leadership, and overseeing public health interns during their 3-month internship at Engeye.