Nandawula Bridget

Clinical In-Charge

Like many of Engeye’s employees, Bridget was volunteering in a hospital when she was referred to and then hired by Engeye. A jack-of- all-trades, when not seeing patients, Bridget is helping out in the pharmacy or the lab. As the Officer in Charge, she represents Engeye at meetings where topics cover everything from how not-for- profit organizations can best work with the government, to administrative workshops, to family planning care. She then acts as a liaison, sharing what she learns with the rest of the Engeye staff, and using the new information to design and implement improved treatment protocols. Bridget loves the flexibility she is afforded with her position at Engeye, and has a passion for interacting with patients. Outside of the clinic, Bridget loves to spend time with her daughters Trinny and Theresa, as well as her family and friends, listen to music, and dance!