Nante Prossy


Mama Jackie (Nante Prossy) is so named because of the Ugandan custom to identify a woman by the name of her first-born child. She is the darling of the clinic: smart, very outgoing and assertive when necessary. She has most visitors happily wrapped around her finger within 24 hours of arrival. Mama Jackie does the cooking at the clinic. She makes lavish and delicious meals in a traditionally outdoor Ugandan kitchen equipped with three charcoal fired burners. Her favorite meal to cook is pan fried chicken. At times, especially when teams visit from the US, she may have as many as ten dishes for dinner. She is a culinary genius and an absolute gem for Engeye.

Mama Jackie has worked with Engeye Health Clinic since 2008, first as the part-time chef for staff and medical missions and beginning in 2011 she took over the permanent position of fulltime chef for the clinic. Mama Jackie comes from the Rakai district and her dream is to own a beauty salon. Her daughter Jackie is currently enrolled as an Engeye Scholar at Sydney Paul Primary School in nearby Kinoni. She is at the top of her class, to no one’s surprise. Mama Jackie has high hopes for Jackie to have a good profession when she finishes school.