Medical & Health Committee

The Engeye Medical & Health Committee provides long-range planning and consultation for Engeye’s health-related programs, assisting with long-term and short-term objectives for program activities. The Committee also monitors and reports on program objective progress and accomplishments to the Engeye BOD and donors. The Committee is comprised of a great team of volunteers with both clinical and non-clinical expertise to inform the development and implementation of Engeye’s medical and health-related programs. It provides recommendations regarding the quality and safety of the medical care and health-related activities by local staff and visitors at Engeye Health Clinic.

Anya Koutras, MD

Kathy Chang, MD, MPH

Peter Forman, MD

Joe Freeman, DO, PharmD

Kristina Gracey, MD, MPH

Committee Chair

Janet Keithly, PhD

IIyena Kozain

Brooke Lamparello, MD

Mary Mulqueen, MD

Anthony Scialli, MD

Paul Sorum, MD

Sabine Volchok, MD, MPH